Premium Keto Bread Doubles Mix, 1 Mix for 1 Light Loaf or 4 Buns

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Made with the best ingredients for this product. Perfect Keto Macros. Loaf provides 12 slices and each slice contains 11g Fat, 0.4g Net Carbs, 4g Protein. Perfect (depending upon your preference) for no added sugar raspberry blackberry blueberry or strawberry jam, peanut butter, almond butter, bacon, sausages, eggs, keto pizzas, garlic bread🍓🍅🥒🍗🍕🍳🥑 Loaf for ketogenic diet. Ingredients in mix are Almond flour, coconut flour, wheat gluten, psyllium, cheese powder, ground linseed, erythritol, Rising Agents; E450 Diphosphates, E500 Sodium Carbonates, Maize Starch, Sea Salt, Anti Caking Agent Sodium Ferrocyanide, linseed, ready to mix with eggs butter and water (eggs butter and water not provided) Minutes preparation time and preheating oven required with baking time and 10 minutes cooling time.

Made with the best ingredients for this product
Best Selling Item
High fat content, moderate protein content and low net carb content
Very filling and ultimately satisfying for perfect keto meal plans