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The Ultimate best selling Raspberry Complex is back and better than ever. We’ve fine tuned this product for maximum effects. The Raspberry Ketones will help with anyone on a Keto Diet and the formula has been especially created to give the best benefits to you. The ultimate fitness aid. Suitable to take two in the morning or before workout. We would advise not to take before bed because the product contains caffeine.


Glucomannan, Caffeine, L-Tyrosine, L Carnitine Tartrate, Raspberry, Green Coffee, Cayenne, Chromium

★ Powerful Natural Burner – High Strength 8 Natural Ingredients for Effective Weight Management and Control – High Strength Diet Pills For Men and Women in Black Edition
★ Raspberry Ketones – Keto Diet Pills – Ketones help induce Ketosis which help your body burn fat stores before using energy stores in your body such as carbohydrates
★ Fast Working effective burning formula – Advanced Complex with precisely measured ingredients to give maximum effects – Great to take before a workout use two capsules as pre-workout or just take two capsules throughout the morning to kickstart your metabolism and give you energy throughout the day
★ High Dose Diet Pills of Powerful Green Coffee Extract in Capsules – Speeds up your metabolism leading to burning more calories in a day – Plus highly desired Chlorogenic acid to help aid weight management in a healthy quick measured approach
★ We highly recommend using this product in conjunction with our T6 Keto Complex & CLA (When purchasing more than one product you’ll get 10% off) We also recommend using it with a 1200-1800 calorie meal plan for best results – 100% Made in the U.K & PET 1 fully recyclable